Go Crenshaw: An Afrocentric Guide to the Crenshaw District

There is no other city guide like Go Crenshaw.

Written to fill this important niche for local residents, visitors from other parts of California, out-of-state guests, and tourists from around the globe who want to experience the best of South LA’s history, food, recreation, entertainment and services—from a Pan-African/Black perspective.

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Behind the Book

“Go Crenshaw was conceived during a trip to Aswan, Egypt and inspired by my love for South LA and the Crenshaw Community. I wished I had an afrocentric city guide that showed unabashed love for South LA like my Nubian guide Juma was showing for the city of Aswan, Egypt. I’d grown tired of hearing South LA—my home—described from the vantage of people who do not love it. I wanted to read a book that expressed the unfathomably deep love that we the people of South Los Angeles—particularly African Americans—have for South LA.” — Dr. Randal Henry


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Sold in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


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