Black Firsts in Los Angeles

Extraordinary Achievements by Black Angelenos.

Shining a spotlight on more than 200 barrier-breaking accomplishments, Black Firsts in Los Angeles highlights the oft-unheralded accomplishments of Black Angelenos which, despite their importance, are generally not included in school books or taught in classrooms. Organized into 83 areas, alphabetically and chronologically, Black Firsts reviews historic—yet overlooked—achievements of Black Angelenos.



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Behind the Book

"I wrote Black Firsts in Los Angeles to shine a spotlight on the oftentimes overlooked achievements of Black Angelenos. Many of the accomplishments discussed in Black Firsts represent the first of their kind in the United States—such as the first Black flight school. My hope is that readers of Black Firsts gain a deeper understanding of Black achievements in Los Angeles." — Dr. Randal Henry 


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